Thursday, August 27, 2009


chloe you're so cool
this reminds me of many a couple's outfit in korea
where entire stores were dedicated
to the cause
only way way way way cheesier
my boyfriends never wanted to wear couple's outfits
(actually one did)
maybe now they'll think it's cool
probably not

Monday, August 24, 2009


they don't love u like i love u

Thursday, August 20, 2009

serious guy style: yigal azrouel

i would be really happy if my non-existent boyfriend dressed like this


haven't been crediting images. a pox on my house, i know. gargantuan apologies and i promise to right this wrong...or i'll sing you a song. or you can sue me. no, no. don't. that's the opposite of the point i was trying to make (the office, anyone?)

guess it doesn't really matter when you have no readers, right?

Guy Style: Zac Posen

Yes, Posen's style can be a little sketchy, a bit femmy, sometimes too Hugh Hefner-esque, flamboyant to a fault and I'm sorry to have to say it but a tuxedo man-cape doesn't really fly in my books. But lately there have been a few occasions where the American designer, who does wonders where women are concerned, has really caught my eye.

The opulence of the green, jacquard jacket juxtaposed with simple jeans and a tee, plus the roughness of the black boots, is really appealing. I quite like it!! And the military jacket works (though, in the past, a velvet version he wore didn't quite hit the nail on the head), again because of the contrast with the jeans and boots, the red shirt popping beneath and the petite bow tie. More androgynous than femme.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


these boots. i think i have a sickness. but isn't it hard to find boots that are so nicely worked in!? it's actually really hard to find a good pair that fits right at thrift stores. trust me, my number one choice would be old painters boots or a very small man's work boots. but, alas, hard to find

in other news, JPG x Dr. Martens

just picked up this bad boy

limited edition Jeff Koons beach towel
an artistic place to lay my bum ... and dry it
so sweet

Friday, August 14, 2009

did u know

mark twain named his cats long, odd names like Beelzebub Blatherskite, Appollinaris, and Zoroaster so his kids would be better accustomed to pronouncing multi-syllabic words (unlike huck finn and tom sawyer)

i heart him

p.s. my current literary obsession is really tom robbins

p.p.s. this is my other current obsession:

i die die die die die a million times

it's just too much

sensual overload

beauty full

single tear

head spinning

........these shoes make me horny

(the first pair are the hottest thing i've ever seen)