Monday, October 30, 2006

more what...


and MORE PICTURES dammit...

cutest couple ever (the couple that flips you off together stays together....ignore the fact that she looks like his 12 year old daughter)

found these pictures a little while ago, they're from an old abstinence campaign (who the s#@t is dumb enough to believe in abstinence training in this day and age?), pretty wacked...

i mean, sex is all around..........

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Not what you want to see first thing in the morning...

so, yah...i don't really know what to say about this. my legs have kind of always made me a little insecure and when I'm awake but asleep at work first thing in the morning this is NOT how I want to start my day. if you ask me, sienna's smoking hot - that's just my opinion (and i say it not because of her alleged "style icon-ness" - i'm VERY over her style). i'd make out with her. and im straight. mostly. but are her legs too thin? have i been brainwashed to admire emaciation? I've lost perspective, I dont even know what to think anymore...

speaking of style, someone whose style i just can't get enough of is kirsten dunst. i just saw marie antoinette last night and LOVED IT...the soundtrack, costumes, settings, oppulence, etc. were AMAZING, I felt so decadent just watching it. i guess the history was the only thing that was lacking, but i certainly wasn't there for a history lesson. i was there for sofia coppola's stylistic brilliance. anyways, kirsten's style impresses me - and it always seems so effortless. i guess she's tall and thin, so it's not terribly hard to look good, but some of those young hot hollywood chicks look so contrived all the time, like they actually spent hours compiling the perfect "i dont give a shit" style. kirsten's got it. she's hip. that's all there is to it.

in other fashion news, i've recently taken note of a few australian/new zealand designers. i never really paid attention to aus/nz fashion before and now i'm ecstatic its been brought to my attention...
Alice McCall (AUS):

seems mischa's noticed her as well (not that mischa provides any confirmation that something is inspired...she's just another rachel zoe droid)

also pay attention to Karen Walker (NZ)... who doesn't like a trip back to 80's neon with a hipster twist:

I also love the bow tie and lace with the little bubbly grey dress, men's suit shoes, bubbly shorts, high-waisted wide trousers, baggy vest, puff-sleeved bow-tie blouse, etc. etc. etc. AMAZING

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

the things you can learn from shop windows...

i recently saw two amazing quotes on the windows of two very different stores in two very different locations...

1. window of the lingerie store in the village (forest hill, toronto):

"passion is what gives meaning to life...once you've had it, all else is irrelevent"
(note: this is an approximation...i've kind of smoked away my ability to form short-term memories)

2. window of some funky little store on Queen West (downtown toronto):

"i lost my virginity but i still have the box it came in"

art imitates life imitates art

really relating to scissor sister's I can't Decide right that sick? just feeling some animosity, ya know? people can be so obnoxious and sometimes what you thought was a person's greatest charm is, in the end, their most annoying trait of all. is this even a song one can relate to? do i even get it? can you relate to something so campy?
accordingly, is art imitating life or is life subsequently imitating art? i feel like my feelings right now are in many ways reflected in that song, but it's such a playful, somewhat silly song that i wonder whether it is actually modeled on true feelings? maybe i just love how upbeat and simultaneously deranged it is...but regardless, maybe i was feeling less hateful prior to listening to it and now i feel semi-homicidal - life imitating art?
what's going on? where am i? i think im delusional...need coffee, food, and, most importantly (and this is how it all comes together), to MAKE OUT

p.s. speaking of campiness (is that a word?), there's a great article in the New York Times style magazine (evan rachel wood issue) about the concept of "camp", it's origins in French writer/philosopher Susan Sontag's paper "Notes on 'Camp'", and Daphne Merkin's updated take on the, we're living in a screwed up time

Thursday, October 19, 2006

how elusive is "it"

"I used to be with "it", but then they changed what "it" what I'm with isn't "it", and what's "it" seems weird and scary to me"
- Abe Simpson

Who decides who or what is the "it thing"? Who dubs the "it girl" or "it guy"? the "it restaurant" or "it club" or "it artist"?

I'd really like to know these emminent "it makers", the "gods of cool" so to speak - I have a few "it" things I'd like to propose....

a) day-of-the-week socks, displayed proudly over one's leggings (what better way to show how "with it" you are than overtly exibiting your knowledge of the weekdays?)
b) blue nail polish (has blue nailpolish already had its 15 minutes? what if i said it had to be the exact shade that would constantly make you look slightly frostbitten - perfect for canada as you probably are slightly frostbitten, lets turn it into a fashion statement)
c) DEEP FRIED CARBS (and, accordingly...
d) figure-masking shifts or frocks (whichever you prefer) - actually, i guess these ARE in right now, so lets make C happen and we can all live like kings

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

on a lighter note


sidenote: in case the writing is too small, choc rabbit one laments "my arse hurts" to which choc rabbit two replies "what?"

HATING on monstrous and mindless corporations

i just recently acquired a job at one such corporation. i've never worked retail and i'm into fashion in a serious way so i figured i should at least see how that side of the industry operates (i also need to fund my 3 month south pacific extravaganza). BAD a shopper i think i had almost forgotten just how vapid these companies actually are. Each one has their own version of a little box into which they toss all their employees in clone-like unison. "don't read between the lines, guys...don't even slip a baby toe outside the box OR ELSE". maybe i'm ill-suited to working beneath figures of authority (in some ways i am), but maybe i just cherish free thought too much to live in a world devoid of the variety brought on by circumstance and individual expression. am i a brat for thinking this way? probably....but at least i have a critical-thinking mind. and it's all about being able to go to south east asia for three months, so i'll suck it up and appropriate the drone-like existence for the next little while. as my beautiful boss at the magazine im interning at says, "just wear it as a costume". besides, halloween IS just around the corner.......

Monday, October 16, 2006

but who will pop my blog cherry

So, I have a blog now not really sure what to do with it but I assure you if you anxiously await my figuring that out it will be worth your while...maybe?
Blogging is such an interesting's like keeping a diary but posting it on the net for the world to see...does that defeat the purpose? Maybe
Do I want to discuss the day to day anecdotes of my semi exceptional life; maybe I want to use my blog as an excuse to jumpstart a majorly exceptional life; maybe my life as is IS in fact exceptional but I won't know it until I blog it
Maybe I dont know what I'm talking about...but sometimes that's the most fun...