Thursday, November 05, 2009

portnoy's complaint

love this passage:

"It is as though all the Jewish men ducking beneath the cold dribble of shower off in the corner of the steam room, then lumbering back for more of the thick dense suffocating vapors, it is as though they have ridden the time-machine back to an age when they existed as some herd of Jewish animals, whose only utterance is oy, oy...for this is the sound they make as they drag themselves from the shower into the heavy gush of fumes. They appear, at long last, my father and his fellow sufferers, to have returned to the habitat in which they can be natural."

so THAT's what goes down at the shvitz

this book is fantastic


do the math...

terence koh + daphne guinness + monkey hair (sad as it is) + a plethora of blinged finger rings = sublime

photo: olivier zahm on