Monday, May 31, 2010

my wish is your command...

i've been complaining for a few years now that there is no cool surf gear for chicks. like, none. it's as simple as that. it's generally really girly and cheesy and i hate it. insight is an exception but they still focus more on day wear for chicks than board shorts and rash guards. but leave it to T magazine to uncover Pret-A-Surf, a collab between Vogue's Jillian Demling and Karen Mulligan (long time Annie Leibovitz studio manager)that cuts through the cheese and injects a hefty dose of glamour to gear for girls. if only i could look as glamorous as my outfit would imply when riding waves...

Available at Mollusk (NY), Opening Ceremony (NY), Jeffrey (NY) and Surf Bazaar (Montauk).

Friday, May 07, 2010

100th Post - Wowee Zowee

In honour of my 100th post (and first post in a while), I shall discuss something I'm generally 100 per cent sketched out about, that being SHORTS. Models? Cool, yah, wear shorts. They look great. Creepy looking chick on her bike with ana-looking, scary, saggy ass cheeks in denim butt shorts? Maybe reconsider. With my carnie stump legs I'm always hesitant about hopping on the shorts train. However, I've actually found a few pairs of shorts that tickle my fance this season, which will help because i think at the very least I'll have to step up my festival look from last year's AA seersucker bloomers (love them, but *shudder*).

Best for first (i may be a sexual pleasure delayer but I'm definitely not an aesthetic one) -- the ultimate leather shorts from Helmut (who freaking rocks). Wear 'em short or long, and swoon all the while:

But also...

(These bad boys look loose on the thighs...ALWAYS a good thing...)

(Lace bicycle shorts? Have them, INTO THEM. I wear leggings underneath)

Oh, and one more thing...

Images: American Apparel, La Garconne and Net-A-Porter