Friday, May 07, 2010

100th Post - Wowee Zowee

In honour of my 100th post (and first post in a while), I shall discuss something I'm generally 100 per cent sketched out about, that being SHORTS. Models? Cool, yah, wear shorts. They look great. Creepy looking chick on her bike with ana-looking, scary, saggy ass cheeks in denim butt shorts? Maybe reconsider. With my carnie stump legs I'm always hesitant about hopping on the shorts train. However, I've actually found a few pairs of shorts that tickle my fance this season, which will help because i think at the very least I'll have to step up my festival look from last year's AA seersucker bloomers (love them, but *shudder*).

Best for first (i may be a sexual pleasure delayer but I'm definitely not an aesthetic one) -- the ultimate leather shorts from Helmut (who freaking rocks). Wear 'em short or long, and swoon all the while:

But also...

(These bad boys look loose on the thighs...ALWAYS a good thing...)

(Lace bicycle shorts? Have them, INTO THEM. I wear leggings underneath)

Oh, and one more thing...

Images: American Apparel, La Garconne and Net-A-Porter

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Shopaholic said...

I as well am weary of the short but if you find a pair that cover your ass and leave most things to the imagination then power to you for wearing them!